Training Teneal, our pug for Intermediate exercise of Dog Obedience Training

We are begining to train our pug for some exercise of the Intermediate Competition Class of Dog Obedience Training. Two of the exercises we are training Teneal on are fetching of dumbbell and remote control. We started the training to get Teneal to hold the light timber dumbbell in her mouth and release it willingly on command. All is done with food training and we are able to achieve it in about two weeks. Once Teneal master the hold and release of dumbbell, we proceeded with throwing the dumbbell and get Teneal to fetch it. Again training with food is effective as Teneal has high drive for food and treats :-). Once we are done with that, Teneal is now being to train to master the send command where she is only suppose to go for the fetching of dumbbell on our command. We have also trained Teneal to hold and release heavier plastic dumbbell. The aim is trying to get her to get used to dumbbell of different weight and size. As pug has short and wide muzzle, we had hard time to get suitable dumbbell of appropriate size. Those are wide enough are normally also heavier. Plastic Dumbbell Wooden Dumbbell In addition to dumbbell training, we have also started to work Teneal on remote control with hand signal to direct her to Sit, Stand and Down. More information of Purina Puppycom Dog Obedience Training is available at

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