Movie : Freedom Writers

Back from Bandar Utama after MRDO 2007 and managed to reach home just in time to view the Trophy Presentation Ceremony of China Formula 1 Race and learn at the same time that Lewis retired from the race due to poor pit call by the Mc Laren Team. So I have to wait till Interlago in 2 weeks time to see who will lift the Driver Title of F1 2007 season.

Freedom Writer

Nevertheless, I managed to find time to watch the movie Freedom Writers which I purchase from video store a week ago. The Freedom Writers is surely a touching and inspiring movie and one of the best movies that I have watched in 2007.

Good decision by FIA

Having viewed the video of the crash behind safety car involving Vettel and Mark Webber in Fuji, Japan, I must say that FIA made a good decision not to penalize Lewis Hamilton for something totally beyond his control. Lewis ran wide to avoid getting to close to the safety car and that is not avoidable under such severe condition with very poor visibility. That is definitely good for F1 or else, the fight for the driver title will no longer be fight on F1 track and instead will be by fighting off track with fault finding.