Lewis Hamilton and Formula 1

8 Podium finishes in 8 Formula 1 races, Lewis Hamilton is now leading the F1 driver championship with 64 points. Surely, Lewis Hamilton is become so popular that most F1 news in the papers these days talked about Hamilton. Even the title of Planet-F1.com show below features Lewis Hamilton as part of it page title. That surely help to bring more hits to the site.

Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton

The success of Lewis Hamilton definitely put two drivers namely Alonso and Raikkonen who are trying to prove their worth to their new teams in awkward position. Now three of the top four drivers Alonso, Massa and Raikkonen treat Lewis as their main obstacle / contender in their bid the secure driver championship for the 2007 season.

There have been so many good words for Lewis during the last few months. No doubt that Lewis brought many F1 viewers who have stayed away from the once boring F1 races during the last few years.

Come this weekend the F1 teams will race again in Silverstone, UK, the home race for Mc Laren and Lewis and all expect him to win and I hope that he will be able to handle the pressure and Mc Laren will give you a good, fast and reliable car to win this coming race. Oh yes, he will also need some little luck as mentioned by Alonso during the last many weekends 🙂

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

Apply iPhone that launched in USA on June 29, 2007,6pm was reported to have sold up to 700,000 units so far. That is definitely a respectable figure. Most buyer chose the 8GB model that went for USD 599.00. It will be quite a while before it reach Malaysian shore. Nevertheless, even if iPhone is in Malaysian market, whether we will have a chance to use it will depend who Apple will choose in Malaysia as her Telco partner. If Apple choose to work with Maxis, 019 user like me who is not willing to change mobile phone number is not likely to get one.

AVG introduced Internet Security Home Edition for 3 Computers and 2 Years of Update at special price

AVG introduced Internet Security Home Edition with 2 years of update and protect a total of 3 computers at a special price of RM 43.33 per computer per year (RM 260 for 3 computers and 2 years of update).

AVG Internet Security Home Edition offer complete security protection against all of the most serious Internet threats, including viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, hackers and spam. Now available as a special offer for up to 3 home computers at a special price. It is also compatible with Windows Vista!

Best of all, the AVG Internet Security Home Edition is also compatible with Windows 98 and that make a suitable Internet Security solutions for old computers.


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