Malaysia Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2006

Malaysia Responsible Dog Ownership 2006 will be held on September 24, 2006 at Central Park, Bandar Utama.

The highlights of the day are :-

  1. Demonstration on Crime
    Control, Crowd Control, Drug Detection and Agility by The Police K9 Unit
  2. Demonstration by the Bomba
    Search and Rescue Team
  3. The Responsible Dog
  4. Rescue our best ‘Friend’
    Information Booths by SPCA and PAWS
  5. Protection Dogs and Dog
    Sports Demonstration
  6. Up to 12 Doggie Games where dogs and
    their owner can play and enjoy together

    • The Best Canine Triplets
    • Dog Fastest Eating Duo
    • Dog Fashion Race
    • Obe-Agi Dash Run
    • Waggiest Tail Contest
    • Sit Stay Contest
    • Musical Chairs
    • Dog Fastest Recall
    • Best Dressed Dogs
    • Obstacle Challenge
    • Whose da’leader
    • Leash D’dog
  7. Dog Parade
  8. Door Gifts for the
    first 500 registered visitors
  9. The VET Corner where a
    qualified VET will be providing free medical check up and advice to dog
  10. Agility Demonstration,
    information booth and use of agility equipment.
  11. Doggie products and
    accessories sales booths.
  12. Dog Grooming Demonstration.
  13. Purina Corner where you can
    purchase Dog Food at great bargain.
  14. Fund raising session for SPCA
    and PAWS
  15. Dog Micro-chipping  Booth
    where dog micro-chipping services will be provided on site by a qualified
    vet. Dr. Palani will be the qualified vet who will be there on that day for
    the microchip implantation.  Dr. Palani will also be able to offer
    vaccination services on request.
  16. Dog Socializing Sessions
  17. Up to 20 Lucky Draws
  18. Presentations on Safety Around
    Dogs for kids (in-school or for children’s groups)

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Kimi to join Ferrari

As anticipated, Kimi will join Ferrari in 2007 for a three years contract and this will surely mean that Kimi will now have a great chance of winning the Driver title within the next two years. That also mean that Ferrari will be able to continue with their quest for more Constructor Titles in years to come. Alonso was quite right that his main rival from next year onwards will be Kimi and looks like his chance of winning more drive title will be difficult unless Mc Laren can come out with a better car package to match that of Ferrari. With the strength of Ferrari at present, Alonso will surely lose the present lead of 2 points to Schumi by next race and that mean that after winning the 2005 driver title, Alonso may not win again in the near future.

With those changes, 2007 will be another exciting year for Formula 1.

Tsurumi Pump, the best pump for koi pond

I have been using a vortex filter for my koi pond for quite a while and in recent time, the efficiency of water filtration of this vortex filter drop substantially as a result of poorer performance of my old Tsurumi Pump that feed water to the filter. I have since install a new Tsurumi Pump for the vortex and the new pump is much bigger than the older one and the flow rate is higher too. It surely move more than 2000 gallon of water per hour.

Good to know that after the installation process, the water flow rate is fast and yet there is no need for me to use a reducing valve to cut down the flow rate to prevent water overflowing out of the filter. The water settled down with the water level in the first settlement chamber of the first vortex at less than a inch from the cover of the vortex. This mean to say that I need to ensure that the settlement chamber of the first vortex is not clogged or else the water may have to rise to achieve a water head big enough to push the water to the 2nd chamber. This will cause water overflow and hence regular maintenance of the first chamber need to be done at a much closer interval.

Tsurumi Pump, OM2 Model

I am going to miss these two super sportsmen

Just last week, we had Andre Agassi retiring from Professional Tennis after being eliminated in US Open at the age of 36. Not many professional players play to this age, Andre Agassi is one of them, Jimmy Connor is the other. He has won 8 Grand Slam and many of them was won during the last few years. He is also one of the 5 of the 5 players who have won all the four, US Open, Australia Open, Winbledon and French Open, a fantastic achievement. One of his best match that I enjoy most being his win at French Open which he and Steffi won the Men and Women title the same year. Agassi is also a player that has been a No.1 player in the last three decades. Surely, I am going to miss him.

Just a while ago, we also heard from Formula 1 post race interview that Michael Schumacher is retiring from Professional F1 racing by the end of this season. Announcement was made after Schumi won the Monza GP, his 90th win in 245 starts, a record that no one can beat at this moment and surely will be difficult for future drivers to beat in the future. Schumi will have three more races to go and extremely likely to win the Driver Championship and help Ferrari to win the Constructor Championship. What a way to finish his F1 career in style.

The next question is who is Schumi replacement ? From what Schumi has mentioned, I guess it is likely to be Kimi. With Alonso signed by Mc Laren, who else is more qualified to drive for Ferrari that Kimi. We should know that soon and that is possibly the reason why Kimi has been holding in his decision till this date.

Surely, I am going to miss Schumi.