Mc Laren 2007

It is a pity that Mc Laren did not managed to have the dream line up of Kimi/Alonso for 2007 season but then again, even such line up will not ensure that Mc Laren will win Driver Title as well as Contructor Title if the Mc Laren Mercedes car is not up to the par.

Ever since Adrain Newey left Mc Laren at the end of 2005, Mc Laren has not secured any win for the 2006 season. That possibly is the reason why Kimi decided to leave for Ferrari where there is a much better car for him to realize his dream to win a Driver Title in the very near future.

To me , Alonso is a very capable and careful driver that should be able to deliver if a good car is given to him. To this effect, Mc Laren need to come up with something and recent news that Mika Hakkinen is coming back to Mc Laren, not as a driver, but rather as a advisor will surely help on the car development. Hopefully, that will put Mc Laren back on track for at least a few wins in 2007 or else, signing of Alonso for 2007 is going to be a waste. With Mc Laren securing Vodafone as the sponsor, it is surely in their best interest to win again to bring more value to their sponsor.

The Alonso / Hamilton partnership for 2007 season is the very first time that Mc Laren has two new drivers in the 40 years history.

Dog Carnival and Dog Obedience Demo at Kenyalang Hall, Kuching, East Malaysia

On Dec 3, 2006 we attended a Dog Carnival held in Kuching with Mike Mali Haus who performed a demo on protection dogs at Kenyalang Comminity Hall Kuching. Apart from the demo, there were a dog beauty contest as well as dog competition that involve some twenty popular dog breeds. The participation by local dog lovers were good and the hall was full of spectators as early as 9:30am. This fun show is surely the beginning of more dog events that are yet to come in the future and it surely raise more awareness on dog keeping hobby in Kuching.

Some of the photo captured on that day are as below:-

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