Ipod Rip – Restore iTune Database from Ipod

iPodRip saved my life! Or at least a few days of it. My desktop crashed and I had to rebuild it. I didn’t have a backup of my iTunes database so I had lost a good weeks worth of work rating and categorizing my music – not to mention the play counts I had established! Using iPodRip I was able to restore everything!

The above quote sound extreme familiar to me. The hard drive of my notebook crashed and without having the latest backup of the iTune database, the only hope is therefore my Ipod. Tried a few softwares that aim to restore the iTune database and found that Ipod Rip is simply the best one around.

The restore process was simple. Download and install Ipod Rip and from there I set the preference to have the ipod data restore to my iTune directory and just click Import ALL. The import process of copying file took about an hour. While the Ipod Rip was not able to update iTune successfully but this was solved by just adding the iTune folder to Ipod Library and that was it.

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Increase use of Portable Music Player / MP3 Player may caused hearing damage

While many had their hearing ability impaired after working in hazardous condition for years, many young generation today are suffering premature hearing damage after exposing to prolonged high volume of portal music player. Apple Ipod for example can produce up to 104db of sound and those who play such music player in noisy surrounding may need to turn up the volume to drown the external noise in street condition or in public transport. According to H.E.A.R., maximum exposure to 105db should be limited to 1 hour. Hence owner of MP3 players are cautioned on turning down the volume when listening to music via ear set and limit the length of each hearing session.

Link to H.E.A.R as below :


Apple steps up iPod ‘tax’ push

Apple Computer is stepping up its push to get iPod accessory makers to pay for the right to connect to the popular music player.

For some months, the company has been seeking royalties from accessory makers that want to display a “Made for iPod” logo on their products. The program, which one analyst has likened to an “iPod tax,” applies to devices that connect electrically to the player and not to cosmetic things like cases.

Now Apple has made the program a requirement for manufacturers who want their gadgets to plug into the “dock connector” at the bottom of the music player, Senior Vice President Phil Schiller confirmed to CNET News.com last week.

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Many accessories manufacturers make a lot of money out of Apple’s success in iPod and obviously Apple want to have some share of their profit.

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