AVG Internet Security Unlimited

Home users with many PC and devices who need protection for all devices can for AVG Internet Security Unlimited Devices that cost only RM 212.00 per year which is good for unlimited installation.

AVG Internet Security Unlimited

AVG Internet Security Unlimited is a complete protection that will protect all your devices against viruses, spyware . malware, ransonware and spam.

As the license support unlimited devices, household with a lot of PC and Mobile Phones will find it the annual fee of RM 212.00 very attractive.

Purchase can be made online here

Happy New Year

It has been quite a while since I last blog and it is now year 2006. Happy new year to ALL.

Life has been slow during the last month of Dec and activity is picking up again. Will 2006 a better year, I am not sure but I do expect to see a further of interest rate to cope with the inflation. I was also told that car prices likely to rise again in the very near future with the new tax structure. Hence for those who is thinking of getting new car should buy now before the price goes up.

Throughout the last year of 2005, I lost a total of 13.6kg of body weight and is working slowly to shed a further of 6Kg to bring my body mass ratio to within the standard. I do hope that I am able to succeed.

So much for now.

Sons save mom overseas with webcam

OSLO, Norway (AP) — A Web camera in a Norwegian artist’s living room in California allowed her sons in Norway and the Philippines to see that she had collapsed and call for help, one of the sons said Friday.

Karin Jordal, 69, collapsed Thursday in her living room in Pinon Hills, California, and was motionless on a couch when her son Tore in the Philippines checked in through the Internet.

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