Update on Vortex Filter for Koi Pond

The two Vortex filter that I have installed for my Koi Pond has been working for a few weeks now. I am now testing the Vortex by turning off my existing filter to see if those two Vortex is able to cope with my 10 tons pond. Water has cleared up slightly but remain greenish. I shall allow the vortex to mature over a period of longer time, possible three month before making any conclusion.

Feeding amount is minimal and will slowly increase back to normal level when the bio filter mature. Will post the result soon.


Discus Tank

After the last Discus craze, I am now back again with a new Discus tank. This time, no intention to breed the discus again as I have achieved and managed to breed discus several times years ago. In a 2 feet tank, I am now keeping four juvenile Discus. Two Red Melon and two young discus. Pictures of the Red Melon are as below :-

red discus

red discus

Community Tank

After having stopped keeping aquarium fishes for quite a number of years, I am back now with a new community tank, 2′ in size and powered by two external hanging filter filtering water at 100 gallons per hour. Fishes include Guppy, Tetra, Sword Tails, Red Eye and some other funny looking fishes. Water is crystal clear with two filter running. Total number of fishes is about 30.

Aquarium Fish

Aug 17, 2005, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia