Volvo Launched C70 in Malaysia

A week ago I received an invitation from Volvo to attend the launch of C70. This stunning convertible was launched last friday in KL. Two version of the C70 are available – the C70 2.4i (170 bhp) with a pricetag of RM345,266.00 and the powerful T5 (220 bhp) priced at RM399,246.50 (excluding insurance, private registration).


C70 2.4i (170 hp)

  • Five-cylinder 2.4 litre petrol engines
  • Great fuel economy
  • Advanced emission-control technology
  • Meet California’s stringent ULEV II exhaust emission standards
  • Five-speed automatic transmission
C70 T5 (220 hp)
  • Sporty five-cylinder 2.5 litre turbocharged petrol engine
  • 320 Nm available from just 1500 revs
  • 0 to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds
  • Dual continuously variable valve timing
  • Five-speed automatic transmission

Picture from Volvo Cars

The new C70 is no doubt both an attractive convertible and sport coupe. Read more at

Air Bag for Motorcycle

Honda announced recently a new airbag system for motorcycle as shown Here. The airbag will however only installed on high end motorcycle with large cc but it is one important step taken to increase the safety of the motorcyclist.

Remember that airbags are only featured in high car some 10 years ago. Even the Audi that I drove then has only one air bag. Today, most continental car are installed with 6 air bags and some even has 10 air bags in them. Car that we drive these days are much safer and surely motorcycle is moving in similar direction.

Volvo On Call

My Volvo S80 decided not to start at 10:00pm tonight due to a flat battery that has only been in use for 3 months. That is bad news. Unable to start the car, just pick up my mobile and call Volvo On Call toll free line for the first time and in 30 minutes, the technicant arrived with a brand new battery and replaced for me at totally no charge. That is definitely good service and I hope that can continue to count on Volvo On Call in the future should my car refuse to cooperate again.