‘Ugly dog’ Sam dies at 14

SANTA BARBARA, California (AP) — Sam, the dog whose ugliness earned him TV appearances, limousine rides and even a meeting with millionaire Donald Trump, has died, the Santa Barbara News-Press reported Tuesday.

The pooch with the hairless body, crooked teeth and sparse tuft of hair atop his knobby head died Friday, just short of his 15th birthday, said his owner, Susie Lockheed.

“I don’t think there’ll ever be another Sam,” she said, adding wryly, “Some people would think that’s a good thing.”

Sam became an international celebrity after winning the ugliest animal contest at the 2003 Sonoma-Marin Fair in California — a victory he twice repeated. The purebred Chinese crested hairless made appearances on TV in Japan, radio in New Zealand and in Britain’s Daily Mirror tabloid, stayed in luxury hotels and met Trump on a talk show set.

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Trickle Tower for Aquarium

While Trickle Tower has been widely used for Koi Pond, many have also included a trickle tower in large aquarium where the water is overflow through a trickle tower to a bio filter located below the aquarium. I have however installed a simple Trickle Tower for my small aquarium and it is equally as effective as it cousin that we used for koi pond. The rule is again to have the water trickle slowly. Some of the pictures are as below:-

trickle tower

trickle tower

trickle tower

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Increase use of Portable Music Player / MP3 Player may caused hearing damage

While many had their hearing ability impaired after working in hazardous condition for years, many young generation today are suffering premature hearing damage after exposing to prolonged high volume of portal music player. Apple Ipod for example can produce up to 104db of sound and those who play such music player in noisy surrounding may need to turn up the volume to drown the external noise in street condition or in public transport. According to H.E.A.R., maximum exposure to 105db should be limited to 1 hour. Hence owner of MP3 players are cautioned on turning down the volume when listening to music via ear set and limit the length of each hearing session.

Link to H.E.A.R as below :