FileZilla – a reliable FTP Client

In the course of my work as well as leisure, I have used and try many FTP client softwares. Recently, I came to know that FileZilla, an open source FTP client and downloaded from

Once installed, I came to know that File Zilla is just the software that I have downloaded from except that FileZilla come without the disturbing ADs :-).

FileZilla may not have many features as CuteFTP Pro but it simply able to do the job beautifully. Uploading big web and files often end with success and little failure. Its ability to auto reconnect for a number of times which can be determined and set by you will ensure all files are uploaded.

Lewis Hamilton to partner Alonso in 2007

Mc Laren Mercedes has announced that Lewis Hamilton will be the driver of the 2nd Mc Laren to partner Alonso in year 2007. The 21 years old Hamilton will be the first black driver to compete in this sport, making history in the process.

Pedro did not proved to be fast enoungh in the last few races of 2006 and hence the choice of young and aggresive Hamilton is surely a better one.