Kimi to join Ferrari

As anticipated, Kimi will join Ferrari in 2007 for a three years contract and this will surely mean that Kimi will now have a great chance of winning the Driver title within the next two years. That also mean that Ferrari will be able to continue with their quest for more Constructor Titles in years to come. Alonso was quite right that his main rival from next year onwards will be Kimi and looks like his chance of winning more drive title will be difficult unless Mc Laren can come out with a better car package to match that of Ferrari. With the strength of Ferrari at present, Alonso will surely lose the present lead of 2 points to Schumi by next race and that mean that after winning the 2005 driver title, Alonso may not win again in the near future.

With those changes, 2007 will be another exciting year for Formula 1.

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