iPod Nano

Got got hold of a new iPod Nano 4GB.

iPod Nano and iPod 20GB

When compared to the old 20GB ipod that I have, Nono is much smaller and lighter. Battery of the Nano last for about 14 hours compared to 8 hours of the old 20GB ipod. Managed to squeeze in 1101 songs into the new Nano which is only a portion of the music collection in my library. The 20GB ipod can hold all with still some space to spare.

The downside of Nano is that it can only be charged via the USB connection whereas the 20GB ipod can be charge via power adaptor.

The has been some report that the screen of certain batch of ipod is susceptible to scratch and may crack. Was told that Apple will offer replacement only for unit with cracked screen. So we shall see from here how long the screen of my Nano will hold.

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