Dog shot by dog-shooting team recovering

A mongrel shot by the dog-shooting team in Taiping did not die and left to suffer. Many animal lovers were furious at the fact that the dog-shooting did not terminate the dog cleanly with a clean shot and instead let the dog suffer with wound and hobbling around looking for food. They should have done a better job if they want to terminate that stray dog. Related news from NST as follow:-

Wounded dog gets treatment
M. Husairy Othman
NST, 29 Sept 2005

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TAIPING, PERAK, Wed. A two-year-old mongrel shot and wounded by a dog-shooting team three weeks ago has finally received treatment.

The male mongrel, shot in its left front leg, had been hobbling around looking for food while the horrific wounds to its leg went septic.

It was shot by a member of the Taiping municipality dog-shooting team on Sept 7.

The plight of the dog was highlighted by a reader in the New Straits Times’ Letters page on Sept 27, prompting several concerned animal-lovers to embark on a “search and rescue” mission.
A couple found the animal in secondary jungle near Taman Tupai Emas here at 10.30pm yesterday.

They leashed the dog and gave it food and a bowl of water mixed with antibiotics.

The male mongrel, despite its injuries, managed to elude its pursuers who were trying to help.

Taiping Zoo director Dr Kevin Lazarus attended to the injured animal at the couple’s home this afternoon.

With the help of his assistant Lim Cheng Keat, they took about 30 minutes to clean the wound and apply medication.
“The injury is not life-threatening and with proper follow-up treatment, the dog will recover completely,” Dr Lazarus said.

“However, an X-ray will have to be done to determine if the bullet is still embedded in the animal’s leg.”

An NST reader, who wanted to be known only as “Rose”, has come forward to pay for the animal’s treatment.

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