The Forbidden City , Beijing, China

I browse through Google Earth today and have a look again at The Forbidden City of China which I have visited many years ago.

It will be a place that I will visit again but not now as major restoration process is being undertaken now to bring the best out for visitors that is expected to flood Beijing during the 2008 Olympic Games. By 2008, the area to be open for visitors will be 12% more than the area open to visitors earlier. The whole restoration project will complete by year 2020, the 600th anniversary of The Forbidden City.

The restoration process will surely ensure that the The Forbidden City will stand and be around for many years to come for the benefits of the future generations. The Forbidden City still stand there today after more than 500 years, credit must be given to Emperor of the Qing Dynasty who continue to use the same venue after they overthrown the Ming Dynasty and continue to improve them. Most earlier dynasty tend to burn down the palaces of their enermy and rebuilding them or move the administration center to a new location.

The Chinese TV Network has film and release several documentaries on The Forbidden City and The Emperor of Qing Dynasty and I shall rely on those for better understanding on The Forbidden City before our next date with it after 2008 🙂

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