Innotek Bark Collar

No all dogs are born equal. Some dogs bark more than the other. Some breed bark with much louder voice and higher pitch. Excessive barking can sometime be a problem to dog owners especially those staying in condominium and those with neighbours in close proximity. In such circumstances, using a Bark Collar to control barking is definitely a humane way to cut down barking of dog concern. Innotek BC-50A is one such bark collar that some of our dog trainees at our training centre have tried recently and found to be effective. Two of them are the owners of Miniature Schnauzer that have excessvie barking problem and have since managed to reduce barking problem substantially. After some period of use, the dog will even refrain from barking once the collar that is without battery power is attached to the dog. After all, they have been trained not to bark with the collar on.
Bark Control Collar BARK INHIBITOR Bc 50 Water Resistant Innotek Bark Inhibitor

The BC-50B Bark Collar is the most advanced system available. It is designed to not only control a dogs bark, but it also acts as a training aid to teach your dog not to bark. The BC-50B is two collars in one. Unlike basic bark control collars that only provide negative correction, this collar also lowers the correction levels as your dog learns not to bark. The goal – No more Barking and No more collar.

  • Dog Size — 20-200lbs
  • Stimulation Levels — 7
  • Collar Weight — 4.0 oz.
  • Batteries — 6-Volt
  • Water Proofing — Water Resistant Collar

The Innotek BC-50A use 6 Volt replacable battery which is easy to find. Hence it is very convenient.

The Innotek BC-50A can be purchased at around USD 40.00 in USA and in Malaysia, you can possibly purchase with RM 350.00

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