Yahoo Mail to offer unlimited storage

Glad to know that Yahoo is going to offer unlimited storage for its email services. With Yahoo the first to take this giant step, I do hope that Google will counter with the same offer. The 2.8GB space offer by Gmail these days is no longer sufficient. Having said that, the Gmail interface is still by far the best interface that is quick to load and fast when it come to message search.

Yahoo will begin offering unlimited storage for its free Web-based e-mail in May, the company announced late Tuesday. The move makes Yahoo the first of the major free e-mail providers to offer unlimited storage, but it likely will not be the last.

Yahoo currently offers 1 gigabyte for its free mail service and 2GB for its premium fee-based service. Google’s free Gmail service offers more than 2.5GB of storage, and Windows Live Hotmail offers 2GB for free.

“We are watching the trend lines of how people are using e-mail…and they are sending more photos and videos and rich media,” said John Kremer, vice president of Yahoo Mail.

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