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ReviewMe which was launched recently for companies or web site to promote their products and services via the blogger network. Once signed up ReviewMe, companies will be able to select from ReviewMe’s marketplace web authors that review your product or service on their Web site sending your site traffic, viral buzz, and invaluable feedback on paying just a one time fee. Since it is a review, it is more like to be read by web readers when compared to a web advertisement which many may ignore.

If you own a web site, signing up for such review will bring additional traffic, provide valuable back link that will improve your site ranking. Minimum payment for such review is USD 40.00 and the fee will be higher for blog site that has higher ranking and greater traffic. For example, for a blog with PR 6 and Alexa Ranking of about 28,000, you will have to pay around USD 250 for such review. However, paying for such review does not mean that you can ask for positive review. Surely, it is a good way to get others to offer you some valuable feedback quickly.

So why wait further, Sign Up today and begin to promote your products and services via blogger’s network.

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