Purina Puppycom Dog Obedience and Agility Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation ceremony for the Purina Puppycom Dog Obedience and Agility Students were held at Taman Desa Community Park this afternoon. Certificate and CGG (Canine Good Citizen) Medal were presented to about 150 students graduated from recent training classes.

After the presentation ceremony, three doggie games were organized by Puppy.com.my and the games attracted active participation by the graduating students. The Longest Stay and the Fastest Recall were the first two games organized. The third games, Heel Free and Weave, a new games was won by a Chihuahua by the name of CO that beat many other bigger dogs in speed and time.

The weather was good and we manage the finish the ceremony by 6:00pm. Some of the pictures as as follow:-

Down Stay Competition
Down Stay Competition

Down stay
Down Stay Competition with added distraction

Recall competition
Fastest Recall Competition

Heel Free Winner
Winners of the Heel Free Competition

Winner of recall
Winners of Dog Fastest Recall Competition

Winner Recall
Winners of Longest Stay Competition

Gladys receiving her certificate and medal

Sei Weng receiving his certificate for passing the Novice Class

pui yee
Pui Yee receiving her certificate and medal

hew Sue Leng

Group of Dog Lovers posting for the camera


Evelyn Ang celebrating birthday with Shalom

Kenny Ho

Yap ST

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