Mc Laren signed up Alonso

Mc Laren stunned many in Formula 1 by signing up Alonso recently for the 2007 season. The new signing mean that either Kimi Raikonen or Juan Pablo Montoya will have to leave Mc Laren by the end of 2006. No one know whether Kimi will stay with Mc Laren at this stage and it is definitely a wise move by Ron Dennis to sign up a top driver so soon. Should Kimi stay, then Mc Laren will have two of the best drivers in Formula 1. Comparing Alonso and Montoya, Alonso is a much better driver that made very few mistake. Montoyo committed quite a number of mistakes in 2005 and that cost Mc Laren dearly in the Constructor Title. Now that Mc Laren have some of the best drivers, it will now depend on whether Mc Laren’s car is good enough for the 2006 challenge, after the departure of their chief engineer, Adrian Newey.

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