Koi Forum is 7 years old

Malaysia Koi Forum

The Koi Forum which was setup in December 1998 is now seven years old. The forum has growth steadily throughout the last seven years and so is my knowledge in koi keeping. Me together with many members of the forum have learnt so much from the discussion and many have gone back to help new koi keepers.

My pond was built more than 10 years ago by a pond contractor at a time I had little knowledge in pond management. Still remember that the first batch of few koi purchased at RM 2000 a piece perished after barely a few weeks which I later came to conclusion that those koi died due to lack of oxygen. Today, many can avoid the mistake and get to learn a lot even before the pond was constructed. To bad that Internet was still pretty new 10 years back and we had limited access to information then.


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