K9 Trekkers trek at Fraser Hill

The K9 Trekkers


were at Fraser Hill recently. A group of us travel up to Fraser Hill on Saturday morning leaving Kuala Lumpur at 9:00am and reached GAP at 11:00am. We travelled along North South Express and exited at Taman Malim and then head south to Kuala Kubu Baru. The road from KKB to GAP is extremely winding and quite tough for some of people as well as their furkids. Jody, my pug and my daughter Doreen were with us to Fraser Hill. We reach The Smoke House where we put up a night at Fraser Hill. The K9 Trekkers took up all the 14 rooms available and really enjoyed the 2 days one night stay. The weather has been extremely good and cooling. On 2nd day at Fraser Hill, we attempt the Jungle Trek with a guide. Some of the pictures taken are as below :-





The Smoke House were kind enough to allow our dogs to stay with us in the resort room. We too are very happy that our team of K9 Trekkers were very discipline and responsible and all our furkids did not contributed any inconvenience to others during our visit.

Lunch and dinner at The Smoke House were enjoying. After our dinner, we proceeded with our AA session with tons of alcohol. Breakfast on 2nd day was similarly fantastic.

More pictures are as follow :-

Law KS



Terry and ST



Japanese Trekkers

We left Fraser Hill at 2:00pm on second day as the gate open on even hours. Going downhill was much more comfortable than going up and all passengers managed a nice sleep on the way back to Kuala Lumpur. More pictures are as follow:-



doreen and jody

arthur and sharon

Terry and Arthur

rocky and terry foo

Kaori and Mom

ms gang

Furkids that made to the trek includes Pug, Miniature Pincher, Chi Hua Hua, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Mongrel, …

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