Excitement of Formula 1 is finally back.

The recent promising start by the Vodafone Mc Laren Mercedes Team in the first two races in Melbourne and Sepang finally get the Formula 1 excitement back. Being a fan of the Mc Laren Team, I have not watch many races in year 2006 mostly due to their poor performance during which Mc Laren failed to win a single race in that whole year. Signing Alonso was one of the big news then. Things has change quite a bit in this early races of 2007 season with both Mc Laren drivers raced to podium in both races, what a fanstastic achievement for a team with zero win in 2006.

Having said that, I must agree that Ferrari still has the edge over Mc Laren. Ferrari has been enjoying a good engine and aero package since 2006 and they also have more experience in Bridgestone tyre. No doubt that Mc Laren is catching back but it will not be easy for Alonso and Lewis to win again in Bahrain this weekend. Nevertheless, the result of this weekend race will provide us more concrete answer on how far Mc Laren has progressed again the Ferrari. Both teams have drivers of almost equal calibre and it is now down to the fight of the both machines and team strategy.

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