With Google, Life is so much easier

Google has been launching new services now and then and I must say that tools and new features offer by Google are really useful.

  • Google Desktop Search make the search function of Windows obsolete. With
    Google Desktop Search, searching documents, mail, web history, files are so
    fast. I have also set the Desktop Search to crawl all my network drives and
    getting what I want is now matter of seconds and not minutes. I no longer
    need to use the Microsoft Outlook search to locate my mail. Thumb up to
    Google for saving tons of my time.
  • Picasa2 is another great free software by Google.  I find that the
    export function of Picasa2 is particular useful. With that I am able to
    resize some 500 pictures in just of 40 minutes. That is simply not quite
    possible with other graphic editing software such as Photoshop.
  • Gmail is no doubt one of the best Google’s offer so far and it is just
    getting much better, bigger space. Now with auto-save and customized from
    features. Even Yahoo’ Mail Plus at USD 19.99 a year is  no match to
    Google’s Gmail.

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