Will Kimi Raikkonen move to Ferrari

There has been quite a lot of talk on whether Kimi Raikkonen will move the Ferrari in the future. Kimi has made it clear that he will only go a winning team, a team that can perform and win races. Ferrari is not in that position currently and hence the move is obviously not likely.

Kimi and Michael Shumacher, both are good and talented driver but quite different is certain sense. Micheal move the Ferrari years back when the red pranching horse was still not a winning team. But Michael moved there with a group of talented people that finally built a winning Ferrari Team.

Wherever Kimi moves, he will have to move to an established team that has the capability to win. Michael, however, has more to offer. With his experience and relationship with many capable F1 veterans, he was able to help to build a winning Ferrari that won 5 Constructor Championship.

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