Vice Versa Pro 2.0

With most information stored in digital format. Having an automatic backup system is critical these days to protect your data. I have been a happy user of Vice Verso Pro 1.3 at home and have recently upgrade to Vice Versa Pro 2.0. The best feature that attracted me to upgrade is the ability of VV 2.0 to backup locked and open file.

Can ViceVersa synchronize, backup, replicate files and folders? YES *
Can I visually compare folders to see the latest changes?
view YES *
Can I use it with USB disks, flash drives, hard disks, DVD, CD? YES *
Can I use it over the Local Area Network and VPN? YES *
Does it track file conflicts (files changed on both sides)? YES *
Does it track file deletions properly? YES *
Does it copy / backup locked file, open files? details YES *
Can I schedule it to run at a specified time interval?
view YES *
Can I schedule it to run in “real-time“? YES *
Can I run it on all Windows platforms, including servers? YES * ‘
Is it easy to setup and use? YES *
How many customers
are using ViceVersa? 10.000+ *
How much data
can ViceVersa handle? 1000GB+

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