The best race so far by Kimi Raikkonen

The recent F1 race in Suzuka, Japan last weekend was won by Kimi Raikkonen of McLaren Mercedes, the straight 8th wins by the Silver Arrow in year 2005. Kimi won it in style. Starting from 17th and finished to take the chequed flag by overtaking Giancarlo fisichella on the last lap. Such was the commitment by Kimi Raikkonen to put McLaren back into the fight for the Constructor Title after Montoya crashed on the first lap. Such superb commitment put Ron Dennis closed to tears. Who say overtaking is difficult in F1. With Kimi , it is definitely not the case. With this win, Mc Laren is now 2 points short of Renault and the fight for the Contructor Title will go all the way to Shanghai this weekend.

The Suzuka race initially look bad for the Silver Arrow. Firstly, Raikkonen suffered another engine failure in practise, his fourth in year 2005 which prompted Mercedes Boss Norbert Haug to apologised to Mc Laren again. Next, both Raikkonen and Montoya qualified badly due to rain during qualifying. When the race started, Montoya was brought out by JV of Sauber Petronas Team. Mc Laren bad luck just will not go further and true enough, Kimi turned it all around and won it in style.

Such superb show by Raikkonen reminded me again of another fantastic overtaking by Mika Hakkinen, another Finn, back in August 2000 in Belgian F1 Race. Read the quote below:-

Ricardo Zonta barely had time to blink. The young Brazilian was tooling around at the back of the field with four laps left to run in the Belgian Grand Prix when he noticed the red car of the race leader, Michael Schumacher, looming in the mirrors of his BAR Honda. Approaching the end of a 200-mph straight, he moved to the centre of the track to allow the German to lap him. But as Schumacher shot by, a silver car suddenly appeared on the inside of Zonta and passed both the BAR and the Ferrari. Then Mika Hakkinen – for it was he – drove away from both of them.

These two classic race will definitely stick in my memory for many years to come.

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