Tennis and Formula 1

Tennis and Formula 1 has always been my favourite sports. In Tennis, I always admire Andre Agassi who has gone through the up and down in life. The best Tennis matches that I enjoy the most must be the French Open Final in 1999 that was won by two old guards in Tennis, namely Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. Their determination to win and commitment to the sports always motivate me in one way or another. In contrast, Martina Hinggis who has won many matches at young age faded away from Tennis world since then. Have not heard much of her since then.

In Formula 1, the biggest thing that has happened must be the crash of Aryton Senna that has taken his life many years ago. Aryton Senna has never been my favourite and I enjoy watching Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost and Mika Hakinen racing more than others. Needless to say, McLaren is always my favourite team. Whether it is McLaren Honda or The West McLaren Mercedes Team, they always have my attention in all races. In recent years, I have watched Mika won for McLaren twice and glad to see McLaren is back to the running again in this season with Kimi Raikonan. Hope to see Kimi win again in this weekend British GP.

Staying awake at 2:00am to watch the US GP some four weeks ago must be one of those night that will stay in my memory for many years to come. Stunned to see 14 Formula 1 car drove straight to pit after the formation lap to skip the US GP for safety reason and later hope the race steward will stop the race or the spectators will flood the race track but all those never took place. The race started with only 6 cars and end with six and allowed Schuey and Ferrari to close the gap and at the same time deprived Kimi to close the gap to Alonso. The US GP is definitely the biggest F1 debacle in recent years. Who is right and who is wrong is hard to say. Put yourself in their shoe you will find that why each side took their own stand and why they made those decision at that time. If not handle properly, we could see the end of Formula 1 and the rise of the breakaway series. We shall wait and see.

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