Setting up an Online E-Commerce Store using ShopSite

While there have been many successful ventures of online store that sell products purely via their web sites, many businesses are also beginning to setup online stores to compliment their brick and mortar business. Setup an online store and sell online has the following advantages:-

  • The online store will serve as your showroom that opens 24 hours a day.
    Even if the visitors to your site do not buy online, it serve well as an
    online catalogue for them to browse.
  • If your site enjoy good position and ranking in popular search engines,
    your sites will surely receive tons of quality hits that can be converted to
    sales if the products that you are selling are attractive and competitive.
  • You will be able to sell products online even when you are sleeping.
  • The online store has indefinite shelf space and you will be able to sell
    as many products as you wish.
  • The online store is convenience to shopper. They can shop online 24 hours
    a day with having to spend time traveling out of  their home.
  • The shopper will also be able to browse  and compare prices more

One of the E-Commerce Software that I find it easy and useful to build online store is ShopSite that allow you to build an online store and full function shopping cart system. It adopt a very simple concept of your building pages and it is easy to learn and it go through some simple steps that are described below:-

  • Upload your product images to ShopSite. Your images can be of any filename
    and you will be able to assign a name that is easy to remember to every
    image that you upload. For example, your image file name may be 13925.jpg
    and once uploaded, you can assign a friendly name such as "cameramodelxyz"
    to it. In that way, you will have no problem tracing the images that you
    have uploaded. For easy management, you can also upload those images in
    separate folders.
  • Once images has been uploaded., the next step is to add your products to
    ShopSite. For each and every products that you have added, you will be able
    to specify the image to use for each of them. ShopSite Pro 8.2 onwards will
    help you to create thumbnail automatically. For each and every
    products,  there is checkbox allow you to select whether you wish to
    have a more information page that will show larger images and more details.
  • One products has been added, you can then commence to add your product
    pages. When adding a page, you will be able to select the products that you
    want to appear on that pages. You will also be able to specify the
    navigational links to appear on the same page and add the necessary contents
    as well. The addition of links will allow you to link all those product
    pages together so that shopper will be able to browse easily.
  • Once product pages has been added, you can then proceed to add content
    pages such as FAQ, Terms and Conditions, Contact Information,….., all
    following the simple step of Adding Pages. In that process, you will be able
    to add contents as well as links that you want to appear on those pages.
  • The final thing to do is to activate your payment gateway setting.
    ShopSite support WorldPay , PayPal and many other methods. Just key in the
    account information and enable the payment system that you wish to use
  • ShopSite support all type of curreny and in the event that the currency
    that you wish to use is not in the list, just upload a txt file on currency
    on ShopSite folder on your server and add that currency in the file
  • For the look and feel of the site, you will be able to select from a wide
    selection of theme to use. There is also a place where you can customize the
    header and footer of the site.
  • Once the above are all done, just click the Publish Button to have Shopsite build all your pages in HTML
  • That is about all and you can start selling online 🙂

One of the plus points of ShopSite is all the site pages will be built as HTML pages which is search engine friendly. In addition, for each and every pages that you add to ShopSite, you can specify the Page Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords. Put in some effort to optimize your site for search engine by choosing the right keywords will surely serve to improve your site ranking among major search engines.

To use ShopSite either purchase the full license from ShopSite Main Site or purchase a Server Hosting Plan with ShopSite pre-installed for you.

Shopsite pro
ShopSite Main Menu

Shopsite pro

ShopSite Payment System Setup

Shopsite pro

Upload and Management of Products’ Images

Shopsite pro

Adding Products to ShopSite

Shopsite pro

Addition and Management of Pages

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Theme and Color Layout Selection

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Management of Header and Footer

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