Mercedes engine is the least powerful on the grid

A change in tyre and engine rules change the whole scenorio again in F1 and what we have seen last year in 2005 with the domination of Mercedes engine is not likely to repeat again in 2006. Change in tyre rule will also change the way how F1 team manage thier race again. Continous change in rules may make each racing season interesting but it is quite confusing for fans.

With barely three weeks to go, Mercedes engine still has 35hp less than Cosworth engine and that will cost them dearly in championship point. Look like William is going to get some plus point here with the Cosworth engine. With tyre change allowed this year, we should also see more of Michael Shumacher on the front of the grid again.

Let wait for the Bahrain race !!

McLaren could be losing as much as 35bhp to their Cosworth-powered rivals ahead of the new season with their Mercedes engine reputedly the weakest on the grid.

According to a specially-commissioned survey for F1-Racing magazine, Cosworth have been packing the heaviest punch in winter testing despite being the only privateer engine builder on the grid.

While Mercedes’ 2.4 V8 engine is estimated to be revving a maximum of just 710bhp, Cosworth’s is apparently reaching 745bhp, with Ferrari and Honda at 730bhp.

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