Loose drain cover spoiled Mc Laren quest for Constructor Title

Bad luck striked Montoya and Mc Laren again and this time Montoya hit a loose drain cover the retired from the race. That simply put a end to Mc Laren quest for Constructor Title barely half way through the race in Shanghai.

Mc Laren won 10 races to Renault’ 8 in 2005 and yet lost both driver and contructor title. Lack of reliability in the Mercedes engine was the main reason that cost Kimi Raikkonen the driver title. Bad luck played a great part in Mc Laren failure to clinch the Constructor Title. In the last 5 races of 2005, Montoya failed to finish three of them due to fault not of his.

Nothing much Mc Laren can do now except to try again in 2006. Rules will change again in year 2006 and whether Mc Laren will have the same advantage against others, we shall wait and see.

Nevertheless, 2005 is a good year for Mc Laren and their superb performance half way through 2005 bring much excitement back to F1, something we have been waiting for a long time.

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