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Came across The Labradoodle – Breed Information and Breeder Directory on the net and found it to be interesting.


Labradoodles were originally a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Standard Poodle and was orignally bred as a guide dog. First bred in the 1970’s by Wally Cochran, the Labradoodle is a very lovable dog, known for their exceptional intelligence and trainability, low to non-shedding coat, low allergy coat, and lack of doggie odor.

Labradoodles are sociable, friendly, non aggressive, and extremely intuitive. Their intelligence and high trainability make them well suited for guide dogs, therapy dogs, and other assistance dogs. Their non allergic coats make them popular among people who have not been able to enjoy pets because of their allergies.

Poodle is known to be a very intelligent breed and labrador being a breed that is agile and active. Apart from being a good guide dog, I do believe the Labradoodles will also be a good dogs for Dog Obedience and Agility Sports. Training for both sports should be very easy and enjoyable. Since Labradoodles show no aggression to other people and dogs, it should one suitable for most family who wish to have family K9 member.

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