Koi Kichi and Koi2Kichi

Many years after Peter Waddington of Infiltration written the popular Koi Kichi, the second Koi2Kichi was launched.

Koi Kichi

Koi2Kichi come in two books instead of one and total package offered consist of the following:-

  • Book 1 – The Path to Understanding
  • Book 2 – The Path to Yamakoshi
  • Village & Breeders Tour Maps
  • Yamakoshi Nishikigoi Map
  • DVD of the tours (complete with an outtake segment that is priceless!)

Brief description of the two books are:-

The First Book – The Path to Understanding – from Mistake to Mystique
Deals with every aspect of Koi. From a detailed work about how Koi and the Koi industry emerged, water, an incredibly detailed segment on state of the art pond design, to health aspects, Koi shows and The Definitive Work on Tategoi. This aspect especially has been laboured over by Peter for years – the understanding of a lifetime in Koi.


The Second Book – The Path to Yamakoshi – the Highways and the Byways
Takes us on four basic journeys through the mountains of Yamakoshi. Starting from Nagaoka/Ojiya it takes an the reader on an incredible journey through the legendary villages of Niigata and visits literally hundreds of the leading breeders. It not only shows you where they are and how to find them, it actually takes you there! It reveals incredible details about many of the world leading breeders.

Koi Kichi is one of the best Koi Book that I have read. The book is interesting to read and extremely informative. It is that book that lead me to build my first Trickle Tower and later learnt that slow flow rate of water through the Trickle Tower offer the best efficiency in nitrate removal from pond water.

Koi2Kichi will definitely be a good buy for koi lovers.

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