iPod and FM transmitter

Apple iPod 20GB is a good MP3 Player as far I am concern. For once , I am able to store all the songs, sone 3000 of them, in my CD collection to a single iPod. Song from those from the 80’s and current pop song can be retrieve from the iPod with ease. The iPod also made CD changer in my car obsolete. In my earlier car, I used to transmit the song to my car audio system via a casettte adapter.

The audio system of my the other car Volve S80 however come without a cassette player and I am forced to look for a FM Transmitter. Look around and finally got hold of the Griffin FM Transmitter. Configuration and setting of frequency through the playlist is a bit tricky but the worst set back is the poor sound quality it transmitted when the car is moving. With such set back, I finally stop using the Griffin Transmitter in my car and instead I used it now at home to transmit the song to my FM Receiver. By placing the transmitter close to the receiver, the sound quality is infact good enough.

Griffin recent launched the new FM Transmitter that some with LCD screen and a knob for setting the desire frequency. Read more at
Setting of frequency is no doubt become much easier but yet to check our the sound quality it offers.

My unit of Griffin FM Transmitter was purchased at a price of RM 199.00.

Tekkeon Road Warrier is another FM transmitter which can be consider but the price tag is well in excess of RM 400. I was told that Roas Warrier, as the name implied, is a better option for transmitting song from iPod to the audio receiver in car.

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