Google unveils Web page creator

Google launched another service. This time is the web page editor that allow gmail users to create web pages and later web site with multiple pages. This is largely expected as with the launch of gmail for domain, look like Google will allow users to create web site for their domain as well. We shall wait and see 🙂

I have just tried and it return an error and was not able to test it out.

Google launched on Thursday a service that lets people create their own Web pages hosted by the Internet giant.

Google Page Creator, which is in beta, has sample layouts and lets people type in content, upload images and publish their pages, without knowing HTML. People can create multiple linked pages and are allowed 100MB of storage on the service.

The free service requires a Gmail account and supports either Internet Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 1.0, or higher.

With Page Creator, the company has drawn a distinction between Web sites and Web pages, saying that a page is a “single document with its own Web address,” whereas a site is a “collection of pages with a common subdomain,” or the “” portion of the URL. “During this initial testing period,” Google said, people can create only pages, not sites.

Google already owns Blogger, a company that enables people to create blogs. The company also recently launched a service offering hosted e-mail accounts with an individual’s chosen domain, instead of Gmail.

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