Dog2Bike Spring Coil

For Dog Owners who are too lazy to walk the large breed dogs and wish to cycle instead may want to take a look at DOG2BIKE spring coil. Picture as below.

Dog 2 Bike spring coil

DOG2BIKE spring coils meet both objectives – owners can now exercise themselves ,and with their dogs on their bicycles , under controlled conditions ( of safety ) , within their time constraints .

DOG2BIKE spring coils absorb a certain degree of the force normally associated with dogs’ sudden tugging and pulling . This will enable the biker sufficient time for his reflexes to make the necessary compensating movements to maintain balance .

Simple assembly , with high quality chrome-plating , makes this DOG2BIKE Spring coil a life-long investment for the development and health of both dogs and owners .
( Naturally , a skillful adult biker and an obedient dog are required as a ‘safe’ team )

More information on Dog2Bike Spring Coil can be view HERE

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