Dog owners must kick the old habit and begin to pick up your dog’s poo

Every morning or evening, in most housing area or community park, you will normally see a log of dog owners walk their dogs and at the same time allow their dog defecate along the road or at the park and happily walk away. Effectively treat public area as their dog’s toilet. That currently is the norm in our society.

On the hand, if your dog poo and you take out a plastic bag from your pocket to clean up after your dog, some may appreciate what you did and generally all will treat it as an exception now.

In reality we are now in the 21st century, all dog owners must now make that exception as the norm and treat that norm as an exception. In our bid to promote Responsible Dog Ownership via various events and Dog Obedience Training, we have been promoting that as a start. We are glad that many dog owners now carry plastic bags with them so that they can use that pick up their dog poo. Unfortunately, even with regular reminders, there are still quite a number of dog owners who visited events such as RDO Day simply let their dog poo and walk away, we wonder when will learn to be more responsible and start to clean up after their dog.

Recently, we at organized our 2nd annual trip to A’Famosa for a one night stay at the resort. Those who participated are allowed to take along their dogs and stayed at the bungalow resort. We have been stressing to dog owners on the need to ensure hygiene and clean after their dog at the A’Famosa Resort and yet we are sad to see some owners still happily let their dog defecate without picking up the poo.

We all know that old habit die hard and we will keep on promoting that and hopefully, thing will continue to change for the better in time to come.

Don’t Leave Leavings
Always carry a plastic “baggy” or two with you when you walk your dog to pick up any waste it leaves behind, then dispose of the waste properly. Failure to clean up after your dog is disrespectful to your neighbors.

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