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Gmail by Google is no doubt the best free Web Mail services that you can find in the Internet today. The best feature of Gmail that I like most that Gmail organize mail of same subject in one single thread for easy reading and tracking. Gmail is also extremely fast and refresh by itself to show latest messages that reach your mail box. Spam and Antivirus filter is excellent and with 2.7GB of free space, there is no need to delete any mail. The Gmail in fact does not have any function that allow you to delete your mail. The search function on Gmail is fast and accurate. The label concept is again innovative as it allow the same message to show under different label.

In comparison, Yahoo mail is still offering only 2GB space on paid account. My account which is near to the 2GB limit is just hopeless when performing search. It offer return with error message when your mail box size is big. Yahoo is however working on a new web mail system that will work much faster and we shall wait and see how soon that will be introduced in the paid and free account.

At the same time, MailNation.net is beginning to offer 1000GB of Web Mail Space. According to MailNation.net site, the features of the free mail service are as below:-

FREE 1000GB Email (POP3/IMAP Access)
Address Book/Notes/Tasks
Spam Preventing Features For Your Protection
WAP Access – Mobile Device (http://www.mailnation.net:90/mail/wap)
Auto Message Responders & Auto Forwarders
Multiple Web-Interface Styles & Multiple Languages Supported
Always Count On Our Highly Ranked Email System & Server Reliability
Sophisticated Search For Email Messages
Never Have To Delete Again (Large Email Box)
HelpDesk Ticket System For User Help, Comments, And Updates
One of the friendliest communities in the Emailing World

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