Portable speakers for iPod and other MP3 Players

I was at the computer store to try out the portable speakers for iPod and tried two models, one from 2GO and the other Logitech , both of around RM 220 range. I found that mm22 from Logitech offer better sound quality and bought the mm22 for RM 220.00.

mm22 from Logitech come with three holders that can be used to hold my iPod 20Gb and iPod Nono 4GB. Pictures as follow:-

mm22 with iPod Nono
Logitech mm22 with iPod Nono 4GB

mm22 with iPod 20Gb
Logitech mm22 with iPod 20GB

mm22 with iPod 20Gb
iPod or MP3 Players’ holders

All components can be arranged and placed in a nice trendy contaner for travelling.

Screen shot of Yahoo Mail Beta

Yahoo mail beta

A link to Yahoo Mail Beta is there when I login into Yahoo mail today. The new yahoo mail interface look very much like those of our desktop email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and it allow user to drag mail to folder, deleting mail by hitting the delete button or select a range of mail to delete. A quick check found that Rules and Wizard is still not available in Yahoo mail. The Yahoo Mail Filter still basically allow users to move mail that meet certain rules to designated folder. On the contrary, Google Gmail has a very powerful filter allow user set a wide range of rules and action.

Will post more information after testing the beta for several days.