Folder Share – a great folder synchronization services

FolderShare is one synchronization service that I tried and used for more than 2 weeks. I have set FolderShare to synchronize 10 folders (20GB) of my office PC and home PC and it just work beautifully. With that I can do away with thumb drive that I normally carry with the files that use very regularly. FolderShare by Byte Taxi has been acquired by Microsoft and the Basic version is now being offered for free. The limitation of the basic version allow you to synchronize folder with up to 10,000 files. This is surely one service that will help many to increase their productivity.

Folder share can be downloaded at

I have also subscribed to paying USD 6.95 per month and will install on my PC soon. The reason to try out Beinsync is the ability of Beinsync to synchronize Outlook File and at the same time it can handle folder with more than 10,000 files.

I will post the result of test soon.