Vortex Filter for Koi Pond

After more than 10 years of keeping koi, I finally decided to add Vortex Filter to my pond system to increase the water filtering capacity. Two large capacity Vortex Filter Chambers were purchased locally. The Vortex are 4′ tall about 3′ in diameter and each Vortex has two compartment, top and bottom section. The Vortexs are filled in the following manner :- 1) First Vortex is completed filled with brushes, all together 43 of them of 24 inches long each. The bottom section of this Vortex is filled with 20 brushes where the top section has 23 of them. This Vortex will serve primarily as the settlement chamber or prefilter to removed heavy solid waste. 2) The bottom section of the 2nd Vortex is filled with 25Kg of Bio Ring. The top section is filled with 25Kg of sea shells. Both Bio Ring and Sea Shell will serve as filter medium for biological filter. The sea shell will also serve as buffer against PH fluctuation in pond water. The inlet and outlet of the Vortex is 4″ PVC pipe. A 150watt Tsurumi Submersible Pump is being used to feed water from the pond to the Vortex. Some of the pictures of the Vortex setup as below :- Two Vortexs Vortex Filled with brushes Top view of empty Vortex Chamber Bio Ring Sea Shell Installation will commence soon and I will post the overall cost and installation time required in the near future. The same posting will also be added to the Koi Forum in time to come. Upon completion of the setup, the Vortex will serve the 12 tons pond and I will monitor its performance to see if the Vortexs alone is enough for the 12 tons pond water.

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