1-2 for McLaren at Brazil but……….

Great results for McLaren at Brazil but taken their 1-2 finish in 5 years since Mika Hakinen & David Coultard did it 5 years ago. This round with Montoya taken the chequed Flag and Raikkonen followed behind.

As expected, Raikkonen lost the title chase to Alonso who was crowned the driver championship in Brazil. A good driver coupled with extremely reliable car is the key to Renault success this season. Multiple engine failures through the season caused the McLaren dearly.

The 1-2 finish last weekend however put McLaren ahead of Renault by two points in Constructor Title, their first lead in this season. Ron Dennis is pretty confident that no one will be able to touch McLaren’s domainance at this point in time and McLaren will surely claim the Constructor Title.

As a Fan of McLaren, I do hope that their dominance will continue into next season. The FIA rules will change again and the engine will change the V10 to V8 next season in a bid the reduce the speed of F1 cars. I do hope that such changes will not change the McLaren winning formula at the same time. Substantial rules change sometime bring great change to the competitiveness of certain team. Ferrari has worked for the last races and yet still not able to find an answer the new one tyre rule.

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